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We Pay TOP DOLLAR for your Note, and We Pay ALL CLOSING COSTS!

Please CALL us Now at 720-949-1400 for a NET Quote on your Note!



Principal Real Estate Note Buyers

Typical Closing Time 7-10 Business Days...

Are you receiving monthly payments on Real Estate you sold in a First Position? If so, we would like to purchase ALL or Part of your Note! We Purchase Notes Nationwide on Single Family Homes, Condos, Townhomes that are Owner Occupied or Rentals. We also Purchase Notes on Commercial Properties, Land Only Notes, and Mobile Homes with Ground included!

We also Buy Contracts for Deed, Land Contracts, Trust Deeds, and Mortgages!
We Purchase Current First Position Note Balances from $25,000.00 up to $1,000,000.00
Please allow TRUST DEED INVESTMENTS the opportunity to Purchase ALL or PART of Your Note!

About Us

The types of seller financing utiliszed are limited only by your imagination. We have been buying privately financed real estate notes and mortgages nationwide for 37+ years. No matter what they say no one in the industry can compete with that accomplishment.

Save Time 

Earn More

"I just want to sell my note and be done!" is something we hear a lot, and with the options we provide that is very possible. Our primary objective is to exceed your expectations. With interest rates at an all time low there may never be a better time to sell your land contract, note, mortgage, or trust deed.

Get in Contact

We provide an honest no nonsense quote for your note, just call.  Receive answers to all your questions, get your fast, fair and competitive quote for your note today! Contact us for absolute top dollar for your note.

Principa Real Estate
Financial Aid


We always welcome the opportunity to work with brokers and other professionals in our industry. When working with us all closing costs are paid. We close the purchase of your note with a local title company or real estate attorney and we pay all costs. We will buy ALL or PART of your Note, and pay you TOP DOLLAR! We also Pay ALL CLOSING COSTS!

Fast and Convenient 

Typical closing time 7-10 business days after receiving 
the complete document package.

Explore your options

We offer several options to purchase your note. Call today to determine what's best for you.

Easy and Secure

For everyone's benefit we

always close with the title company or real estate attorney

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