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Different Options


Different Situations

We guarantee top dollar for your note

What Options Are Available?

We offer many options in our note purchasing portfolio to maximize the value of your note

Full Purchase

Sometimes not always in your best interest.

Partial Purchase

The most beneficial and often the most misunderstood option

Split Payments

example sell ½ of the payment, get cash now and you still have income

Depending on what your immediate needs are, we work hard to exceed your expectations. There are probably at least six different ways you can sell a private note and mortgage. Depending on your partial situation and expectations we have the ability to structure our purchase of your note to meet your needs.

(in addition to a full purchase, partial purchase, ½ of each payment, 60 months, 120 months, if your note or mortgage has a balloon payment, 60 months plus you keep the balloon). We will buy ALL or PART of your Note, and pay you TOP DOLLAR! We also Pay ALL CLOSING COSTS!

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